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We are able to safely offer a Delivery service and Collection service in a joint venture with our chip shop next door 'Sandgate Chippie'. 

To place your order please do so via our dedicated online order (click button above) or call our dedicated order hotline 01768 555560

You can place an order from either chip shop menu or restaurant menu Mon, Wed & Thurs 16:30-20:30, Fri to Sun 12-14:30 & 16:30-21:00.

Delivery Charges apply. Pre ordering via the web, app or phone gets priority over any walk up order. 

If Collecting please knock on the door to let us know your here, please then stand back at least 2 meters. Maintain a social distance of at least 2 meters from anyone around you at all times. We will then hang your order on the door for you to approach and collect. 

If having your meal delivered. We will aim to be with you with in 20mins either side of your delivery time. We will place your order on your door step, knock/ring bell then retreat to a safe distance. We call this the knock and Nash metod! If you live in a flat we will ring you for you to come and collect from the driver. 

If your order is rejected by our online order system then it means we can no longer take orders with in an hour to two of your time requested due to high demand. All payments taken by the 3rd party app that runs the ordering system will be refunded within 4 working days. 

We are making it our mission to feed those emergency services on the front line. If you are NHS staff, Police, a carer etc then please do email us and we can arrange a treat for your workplace free of charge. 

If you require any info or support please email us to Phone lines will only be monitored during our opening hours. 

Thank you kindly for your continued support. It means a lot to us all. 

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